Scientific-and-Research Work

The Research Areas of the Department

The area of expertise of the Department includes the influence of environmental factors on human health, cerebrovascular diseases, pain syndromes, craniocerebral trauma, borderline mental disorders, skin and venereal diseases. The members of the Department constantly conduct researches according to the plan and subject. They have published more than 300 scientific papers: abstracts, guidelines, manuals, textbooks. The doctoral thesis (O. Potapov) and PhD theses (O. Kolenko, L. Kuts, A. Sulym, V. Lychko) were defended. The Department staff participate in different scientific forums that take place in Ukraine and abroad, plenary meetings of research and practice societies, young scientists’ symposia, national programs. Close collaboration was established with central institutes and departments. Annually the members of the Department take part in organizing and holding regional research and practice conferences, concluding conferences, conferences in other specialties (cardiologists, pediatricians, gerontologists, etc.).

At the present moment the Department staff are engaged in the scientific and research work related to the following themes: “Current Aspects of Clinical-Liquorologic Diagnostics in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry”; “Laboratory Diagnostics and Treatment of Acne Rosacea, Demodicosis and Perioral Dermatitis”.

Students' Scientific Group

There is a Students' Scientific Group at the Department, established in 1995. The students conduct independent researches, take part in concluding conferences and publish articles in scientific periodicals. Scientific researches of L. Karpenko, Yu. Ivakhniuk, O.Novykova, Ye. Retiunska, Yu. Borsch, N. Zakharchenko, M. Iskrytska, O. Matlay, O. Ponora has got the appreciation of All-Ukrainian Contest Committees. M. Iskrytska’s research entitled “State of the vegetative nervous system in young people” has obtained recognition of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Committee (2007). Yu.Motorna got a certificate of class III at the All-Ukrainian Contest of Students Research Work (2008) for her research “Functional asymmetry in human body”.

A great deal of graduates – members of the Group – became neurologists, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons and work in different regions of our country.