Treatment-and-Consultation Work

The members of the Department perform active treatment-and-consultation work, first of all, at the clinical sites, where they make rounds, conduct emergency examinations, take part in councils of physicians, consult patients in outpatient departments every week. Fruitful cooperation has been established between the Department and the physicians of the town and region. The clinical sites are fitted with advanced equipment, in particular, up-to-date apparatus of computer tomography and magnetic resonance tomography.


The Department staff provide urgent care in hospitals of the city and region. The most complicated operative interventions concerning the tumors of the central nervous system; brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves traumas; discogenic radiculitis; congenital and acquired defects in children are performed at the Neurosurgery Clinic through the involvement of Professor Potapov O.O.. Conferences of physicians are held monthly, regional conferences – annually.  The members of the Department take part in Medical Supervisory Committee activity; implement new methods of treatment and examination in practice; make guidelines and leaflets for physicians in cooperation with regional and urban specialists; take part in the process of physicians certification, sessions of Regional Public Health Department, etc. Sanitary-educational activities are carried out among the regional population. The Department staff has published a number of articles in the regional medical newspaper "Medicine and Health". They participated on repeated occasions in TV programs of the regional channels.